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    The Accidental Billionaires Team
    is comprised of a network of professionals
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    An innovative investment system
    That will present real-estate investors with a fast and simple way to increase their investment

What We Do

Who We Are

The Accidental Billionaires team is comprised of a network of professionals that have hundreds of year’s worth of combined experience. We have every facet of the business covered from sourcing great investment properties to credit repair and legal matters. Whether you are looking for multiple properties or a seasoned lawyer to represent you in buying and selling tax certificates and deeds, or need help putting tenants in your property The Accidental Billionaires team can assist.

Our network includes:

  • Lawyers/Legal Advisors –
  • Credit Counseling –
  • Brokerage Services -
  • Property Management Services -

    Let our team help you increase your income and the income of your network. Our system will save your buyers time and money buying tax properties. The tax deeds will extinguish all liens and encumbrances on a property, possession of the property is guaranteed; in some cases good tenants who are agreeable to paying rent occupy the properties. The price of the Tax Certificates and Deeds are cheaper than and quicker than comparable foreclosures or short sales.

    Once you are ready to purchase submit an offer to us. Please indicate the name you want the deed issued in per agreement. It can be either an individual or a company. Please be prepared to pay the outstanding taxes due prior to proceeding to deed. We indicate what years we have paid and what amount you will need to pay to have the property transferred.

    Once the agreement is sent to you. Have your attorney review. Please sign and return for our signature. Please be prepared to tender a cashier check at this time for the full amount of the purchase price to us. Additionally, please indicate if you'll use your own attorney or if you need an expert attorney referral from our company. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE with these properties. They go QUICK. Our turn around time is 3-5 days. It's FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. Don't let someone grab the property you want ACT QUICK. PRICES ARE LOW. PROFIT will be HIGH.

    ACT NOW.

    It’s basically $1000 to wrap up the “standard” tax deed case. Occasionally there are issues such as municipalities (not the City of Chicago) trying to make the tax deed grantee/new owner pay old liens and water bills that were wiped out by the tax deed. Generally, court costs are $250. In other cases, we have to get an order of possession from the court that entered the order for tax deed in order to evict the occupants. This is an additional $400. This is a much quicker process than having to file a forcible entry and detainer case (commonly called an eviction case) between a landlord and tenant. For more information, please request a referring tax attorney corporate and/or real estate attorney.

    Our Working Process

    Cultivate Ideas
    Solve Problems


    The Accidental Billionaires program is an innovative investment system that will present real-estate investors with a fast and simple way to increase their investment portfolio and ultimately drive profits. Purchasing and selling tax certificates and deeds offer short term and long term investing opportunities. Buying tax certs allow you the opportunity to resale the tax cert to another buyer/wholesaler and gain a profit without closing costs and without paying additional taxes that may be due. Commercial pieces that are resold bring larger profit margins. 

    Talk to our experts for further information on how to expand your profits through our offerings. Using the Accidental Billionaire’s system, investors will have all the needed resources to maximize the investment opportunity. Our system is flexible and offers several ways to participate in our program, whether you are a seasoned buyer looking to expand your network or you are just starting out in real-estate investment and may need more guidance.

    The Accidental Billionaires Inc. understands that the real estate industry is relationship based and that our success is contingent upon the success of every client and each transaction. Our dedication to our clients ensures long lasting relationships and success for all.

    25000+ Transactions
    100000+ Clients in Network
    1000+ Perfect Properties

    Featured Properties

    Purchase This Group of Properties in South Shores Greatest Areas Watch Your Investment Grow with the Obama Library and the Tiger Woods PGA Golf Course Develop on Lake Michigan's Finest View Before Your Eyes.

    Downloadable Property List

    Business for sale

    69TH STREET Diagnostic Center
    For Sale $280,000. In Business 33yrs.
    Step into a Seasoned Corporation with A Credit. Car Wash can be Incorporated into Business.


    Phone: 312.988.4840 | 866.230.3404

    Email: theaccidentalbillionaires@gmail.com

    Address: 980 N. Michigan Ave
    Suite #1400
    Chicago, IL 60611

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